About Us

Basketball-On-Steroids is a site built to provide a fun, sentimental and educational journey through the history of basketball for any and all basketball fans with an inquisitive mind.

The structure of this site is that of an on-line weekly magazine, updated with fresh content every Monday and providing enough content for visitors to come back daily to absorb more interesting and entertaining information.

The purpose herein is to introduce the viewer/reader to content they may not otherwise seek out themselves and come away feeling intellectually enriched and of course entertained.

The site recommends books and provides profiles of players and coaches past and present although you may not find a profile of Michael Jordan or LeBron James.

The focus is to profile players and coaches who provide a unique story such as New York City playground legend and ABA player James “Fly” Williams, Harlem Globetrotter, NBA and ABA all-star Connie Hawkins, dual sport star (basketball/baseball) Dave DeBusschere, and legendary LIU coach Claire F. Bee (of whom there is very little written).

You can read funny, inspirational and insightful quotes from those within the basketball community such as Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson.

My challenge to you, the reader/viewer, is to read a profile about someone you either know nothing or very little about and see if it doesn’t turn out to be a worthwhile experience. Or even, read about someone you do know about and see if you don’t learn something new about that person.

And please, if you like the site and find it useful and entertaining support the site by clicking on our displayed sponsors’ ads and purchasing any of the books highlighted in our “Recommended Reading” section through this website. Thank you and enjoy your journey!!


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