Basketball Hoops – How to Easily Store Basketball Hoop Systems


Basketball Hoops – How to Easily Store Basketball Hoop Systems

Watching a game of basketball outside or in a gym, you may think that the basketball hoop is fixed and set. That may be true in some cases, but there are many options available if space is an issue. Easy store basketball hoops come in a variety of options that can help you best utilize the space available to you.

One option is a wall mounted unit. Wall mounted units can be attached to a wall or the side of a home. Since wall mounted units consist only of a backboard and rim, they do not have the ground pole that may get in the way in small spaces. Wall mounted units can still be customized to meet your needs giving you the choice of rim type and backboard type.

Another option for an easy store basketball hoops is a portable basketball hoop. Portable hoops can be moved as needed. They consist of a base, pole, backboard and rim. The base can be filled with sand or water to keep the system stable. Many portable hoops come with wheels on the bottom that can be unlocked to move the system when needed. Other models are foldable so they can be stored in a garage or storage area. With portable hoops you do not have to have an area that is dedicated solely to basketball.

Another option is a foldable system such as the FoldaMount 46 Victory. The FoldaMount is a high-quality side-fold wall-mounted basketball system. This is perfect for a gym that has several uses such as other sports or gatherings. It folds either to the left or the right to move the basketball goal closer to the wall. You don’t need to use any special tools or a ladder to do so. It can be folded easily by just about anyone.

With the FoldaMount 46 Victory installation is a very simple process. It gives you the option of installing anywhere from 48″ to 72″. This gives you the flexibility to install it to meet the specifications of your floor measurements and facility. You do not have to have the exact calculations when ordering. You can make changes as you install since you have so much room to work with.

For another easy store option, consider a retractable system. These systems have a backboard and a rim with a net. It is mounted to a gym wall and ceiling but has a motor to retract the system when needed. With the unlocking of a button, the system will mechanically fold making room for other equipment or sports activities. The button is key based so you can be assured that it will not be moved during play.

There are many options for easy store basketball hoops. Don’t let a lack of space be a reason to not get a basketball hoop. All of these options come with customizable features such as backboard size, backboard material, rim type, and backboard support. You are sure to find a hoop that works for your space needs.

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