Basketball Training Made Easy


Basketball Training Made Easy

Basketball season is around the corner and thousands of players coming back to the court need a refresher course.  Some simple training aids can make those skills come back to life fast.  This modest list of 5 training aids is easy on your wallet and does not require a steep learning curve to use effectively.

The weighted basketball trainer has been around for years.  This training aid focuses on building key muscles for the game.  Practice with the training basketball by utilizing your favorite passing drills.  Not only will players be building up key “basketball” specific muscles but those passing routines will be memorized for game time.

Weighted basketballs are made by many manufacturers but the best way to go in this writers opinion is with a rubber model around 3 pounds.  The rubber can be used indoors or out and gets the job done at a fair price.There is something to be said about composite leather models.  While they are much more expensive than rubber thy will provide a more realistic feel.  Since they feature composite leather covers much like the ball you’ll be using on game night, players will get used to the feel of composite leather during those passing drills.

Oversized Basketball Trainers much like it’s weighted cousin the oversized basketball trainer can be used for passing drills.  It’s huge size, 33 to 36 inches ( a standard men’s basketball is 29.5 inches), makes it difficult to run passing drills.  It’s true purpose is for perfecting that “nothin’ but net” shot.  The oversized basketball fits through a standard rim with plenty of room but for those who normally use a standard size basketball the need to aim true is emphasized.

It’s a simple idea but it works.  Players will hone in their shooting skills quickly and this training aid can also be bought at a bargain price.  Like the weighted ball you will have the choice of rubber or composite leather.  In this case I lean even further to the rubber end as this balls size reduces it’s usefulness as a passing trainer.  Getting a feel for the ball is not important in this case and I like to save money whenever possible.

Jump Ropes.  Ok we’ve re-learned passing and shooting but you’re feeling a little sluggish on the court.  To many hot dogs and ice cream cones over the summer I guess.  A quick way to slim down and lean up is using the age old jump rope.  Maybe a jump rope isn’t your idea of a basketball training aid so let me explain why it makes the list.First they are inexpensive so just about anyone can afford one.  Second they are easy to use for this purpose.  You don’t need to become a world champion jumper to get your heart pumpin. Third is that a jump rope provides cardiovascular exercise in a small area.  You won’t always have the court under your feet and you can jump rope almost anywhere.  The fourth reason I put jump ropes on this list is the fact that they will improve the muscle group that you use when you jump.  If you want to slam dunk or nail those layups jumping is going to be important. The fifth reason to add a jump rope to your training gear collection is their portability.  Just keep it in your gym bag.

Now there are a ton of jump ropes out there so which one would I recommend.  Well lets assume you’ll be using it frequently your going to want something durable.  We don’t want to break the banks and to be honest the most expensive jump ropes are really designed for people who are going for that world record we don’t need precision as much as we need durability here.  Weight is an important factor because a heavy weight jump rope is easier to use. And let’s not forget a durable material.  You will be using this indoors and out and pavement can be harsh on lesser quality or softer materials.All of that in mind I would buy a leather ball bearing jump rope as they have a smooth operation, enough weight to build up some nice momentum and they are durable on all surfaces.  Not to mention the affordable price tag under $10.

Having said all of that weighted training ropes also have a place in this area of exercise.  A good 2 or 3 pound weighted jump rope will provide a great upper body workout in a short time period.  These are also very popular with basketball players.

The Zipedo Rebounder.  Rebounding is a critical area that basketball players should work on regularly.  Getting control of that ball to try another shot or taking it away from the competition is what wins the game.  Rebound training can be made quicker by using a bubble style rebounder like the Zipedo Rebounder. So out of all the rebounders out there why did I pick the Zipedo for this article.  After all the Zipedo is one of the most expensive bubble style rebounders available and I like to save money right?Well the Zipedo Rebounder comes with an extension pole and a offers a system that allows you to safely install the rebounder on the rim from the ground.  That’s right, no need for a ladder, no players standing on shoulders.  The Zipedo Rebounder installs in seconds from the ground.  On top of that the rebounder promises to offer realistic rebounding situations which will train players for the real thing.

Dribble Specs are last but not least on the list has to be dribble specs.  These are one of the most popular training aids for basketball and it’s easy to see why.  Stop looking down at the ball.  You’ve heard coaches say that time and time again.  You can’t keep and eye on your opponent if you are watching your dribbling and that’s where dribble specs come in.  These half glasses keep you from seeing the floor which eventually trains you to keep your head up and watch the court.A simple skill that can improve a player by leaps and bounds.So how much does this little miracle trainer cost.  Under $5 per pair.  Can’t beat that.

So there you have it five basketball training products that will help any team make it to the finals and maybe even put a trophy in case. Find all of these products and more at the

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