From Lew Alcindor To Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: A Scroll Show


From Lew Alcindor To Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: A Scroll Show

He started out as Lew Alcindor at Power Memorial High School in New York City…….He wound up being Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the greatest scorer in NBA history. Along the way he and Bill Russell are the only known players to win championships in high school, college and the NBA. In fact, the only players to win championships on every team they ever played for.

Following is a journey through time from high school to the present with perhaps the greatest player of all-time:

At Power Memorial High School:

In The Schoolyard

Wearing A Classic T-Shirt

Rice H.S Has No Answer

NCAA Wouldn’t Let Him Do This!

Happy Times

Early Version: Sky-Hook


The Blue & Gold of Power Memorial

On To Los Angeles & UCLA:

Welcome To Westwood

Brand New Pauley Pavilion


A Freshman-#34?

Early Photo With John Wooden

Freshman Year – Freshman Team

Soph @ UCLA

Beautiful Form

Against Holy Cross @ Old MSG in NYC

Recognition Past The Sports Page

Losing To Houston & Elvin Hayes @ Astrodome

Payback; Beating Houston-NCAA Tourney

More vs. Houston-NCAA Tourney

A Championship vs. Purdue

1969 Championship vs. Purdue

1968 Championship vs. North Carolina

With Lucius Allen

1967 NCAA Championship vs. Dayton

Politically Active While At UCLA:

6/4/67-Supporting Muhammad Ali

6/4/67-With Ali & Bill Russell

On To Milwaukee, The Bucks & The NBA:

A Young Buck

Always Beautiful Form

Against The Bulls

Sky-Hook Against Wes Unseld

Against Nate Thurmaond

Against Wes Unseld-1971 NBA Finals

NBA Finals 1974 vs. Don Nelson

More 1974 Finals vs. Celtics

Against A Young Bill Walton

Sky-Hook Over Wilt

More vs. Wilt

Never Enough Kareem vs. Wilt

An NBA Championship With Big O

Goodbye Milwaukee – Back To Los Angeles:

A Laker

Rising For A Sky-Hook

Sky-Hook Near Full Extension

Getting Ready To Flick-The-Wrist

Can Sky-Hook Left Also

Battling Bill Walton

With Wilt

With His Parents

Greatest Center/Point Guard Combo Ever

Greatest Ever Today

Hope You Enjoyed The Show !!!!!!





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